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Smallest Bottles You Own


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Feb 26, 2020
Goldsboro MD
Here are mine. I have thousands of bottles, but I always love tiny ones but these are the smallest I have.

Untitled by photolitherland, on Flickr

From left to right... Asian immigrant oil bottle I found in NV at an old mine (commonly known as heroin bottles, although they rarely contained it). Next one is an Oxien Pill bottle I found in a creek in Russellville, Arkansas.

The middle one is a mystery as I know little to nothing about Chinese snuff bottles. I found this bottle in 2007 in demolition rubble in Beijing right next to the Forbidden City when they were moronically tearing down tons of Hutongs built in the 14th century-17th centuries for the 2008 Olympics. I am not sure on the date of it, could be 500 years old, could be 40 years old.

Next one is another bottle I know little about although it appears to be from the early 1900s. Found it another creek in Russellville, AR. It says from left to right, TM HA EZ LAB. I've researched it but come up with nothing as to the origins of this bottle.

Then finally a Sozodont, For the Teeth and Breath, that I found at a construction site in the east side of Cleveland a few months ago.
This post is sooo up my ally I had to share. I would kill for any one of those! great bottles you have there! I love my tiny bottles more then any of them. Here’s a small portion of my collection. Oh and my tiniest can’t be beat! (Size wise anyways) the two small tubes are the smallest I’ve ever come across. Can’t think for the life of me what they would hold. They almost got tossed if it wasn’t for me hearing a clink from them hitting a rock. My favorites have to be my cobalt sample bottle, my super thin white baby doll milk bottle, (no idea how it survived where I dug it) and my amber hay fever bottle. I even made a bug necklace out of one lol.


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