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The McKearin numbered GIV-42 Calabash Flask


Well-Known Member
Apr 3, 2009
new england
Steve, I just did a double take on mine, I knew it was pontiled, but went and got it anyway for comparison.Two things that caught my eye were the applied top and the overall stoutness of the original.The applied top on mine(original), seems to be short and wide.The Clevenger seems to be long and thinner.My bottle also seems to have a wide stout look and feel.Your Clevenger seems to be a bit taller and thinner looking. Any thoughts.

RED Matthews

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2008
Sarasota FL & Burdett NY
Thank you Steve. I doubt that I will ever have an opportunity to obtain even a Clevenger repro. But I do appreciate your lessons of the rip-offs in repro's. This type of recognition needs to be shared with people that care and like to know what to look for. I did find from your write-up on the Clevenger Jenny Lind bottle that their repro was exactly what I had. The only smile generator was the fact that I only had $28 into it including shipping.
Thank you for being so helpfull in giving lessons. RED Matthews


Well-Known Member
Jan 23, 2010
Thanks for the compliment Red,thats why I write these posts to help someone not make a mistake.It is one of the reasons I never was to impressed with the Clevengers operation.From the get go they made the BOOZ copy soley to deceive.Today they would be considered knockoffs.I just wish they would have created their own bottles and marketed them as such instead of deceiving everyone who had a passion for old glass.

Tom you are correct the Clevenger bottle is lighter and slightly taller.The mold markings are almost exactly alike leaving open the possibilty that a plaster mold was used similar to the fake GI-28, bust of George Washington and embossed Albany N.Y. flask


Well-Known Member
Apr 18, 2005
Another most educational post from Steve...I hope all the interested folks are keeping notes.
I got took years ago on an early Clevenger repro and I've been learning about them ( and others) ever since.

American Bottles & Flasks notes "maker unknown" on this calabash. But I also consider it a Clevenger Bros bottle. Like You, Steve, I wish the Clevengers had given us more of their original works rather than focusing so much time on reproductions. Although, I will admit, I don't think much of some of their "original works."

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