Today's Privy Dig. July 1st 2018.


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Well, Here's a update & it's not good. Last Sunday we revisited this hole. We dug about another 4 feet thru white ash not finding much so everybody but me wanted to give up. I probed like another 3 feet to go till we hit bottom. I figured the good stuff at the bottom. But they kept wanting to stick a fork in it & call it done. SO, I probed some spots that felt like mostly bricks at the bottom but gotta couple probed spots sounding like glass so I kept going till I hit bottom in 1 spot I hit a couple of broken Mason jars, Then a Whiskey bottle & then a Quart Size White Seal tooled crown top. We dug a few of these before but always in little 7 oz. first time we dug a Quart. When I got near bottom it started to fill with water & thn it was still going but just a sludgy waterery mess at very bottom. After I pulled these bottles out Eric figured he'd give it a try & only pulled out a Rubifoam for the Teeth bottle & some shards & gave up. I jumped in one last time & just probed some bricks & was just to much extra loose dirt left in bottom to keep going so I declared it done & everybody was happy. we dug out the walls some more but did not find much, not sure if this was a privy, seemed like one but never did find a wood wall lining the sides near bottom like usual. If it was it was deepest I dug at at least 10 feet deep, highly unusual for this area were they average 5-6 feet. Some Pics below. LEON.


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Eric in that last pic holding up his prized possesion. Rubifoam for the Teeth LOL. Pic below of the White Seal. LEON.

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