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Growing Up & Cleaning Out


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2010
Lyles, TN
Well, it's come to this then.. I've just gotten my first full time job working for a call center about an hour from here. Working 2:45 to 11:30 PM. It's not a bad shift nor a bad company, plus the pay is quite good for the job. However I have been renovating around here, and am running out of room. I hate to see so much glass in boxes-hidden away from the light of day. I guess it's time to grow up, and clear out then.I will not be selling a lot, and though I have received offers from people of listing them on ebay, this place is my home. I will give everyone an equal opportunity to grab one if they so choose. I will be listing some in the forum auctions also. I hate to give them up, but I can't use them to get back and forth to work, or pay an insurance bill.I appreciate all the gifts and relics I have received from forum members, and the help they have given me. I am now known to all my friends as the "creepy medicine collector" I think it's kinda catchy.Until I get the BS worked out with PayPal my only accepted method of payment will be Cash or Check.Some will be listed in lots, other will be separated.I will start listing photos tomorrow.Thanks all


Well-Known Member
Dec 2, 2004
Northeastern USA
I wouldn't say growing up really. It's more setting your priorities, I totally understand. Been there, still doing that.I did my first show this fall and while I thought I was almost giving the stuff away I still ended up with only one leftover empty box and took home 10 full ones. I threw out 2 box fulls over the summer.Anyway, save some favorites, you may regret some decisions later.Good luck and I hope you enjoy the job for more than just the paycheck.


Well-Known Member
Apr 7, 2006
Delta, PA
Preston, you can grow out of anything but once bitten by the bottle bug it will always be part of your life. Think about Erics advice and keep some of your favorites you never know when you might pick up the hobby again. That being said I'd be interested if you have any Pulaski, Tenn bottles that need a new home.

RED Matthews

Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2008
Sarasota FL & Burdett NY
Wow, now you have thrown a new curve ball logic. I really under stand better now. I think you know my interest and activity in glass, so I don't need a lot more of it but if it is hand blown - and shows special interest markings, I know you know my likes, because of the Eagle Flask is the # 1 in my bottle den - right now. You just blow my mind - but I have been down many in my 85 years. Smiles are on my face right now. Be successful in what you do. I was in the glass world - in many ways. RED M.

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