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Help with an iron pontil


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Feb 20, 2020
No simple answer to a "value" unless there are past sales of this particular bottle. The buyer has specific reasons which may include pontil versus smooth base, condition of bottle, eye appeal, rarity, important for his collection, maybe even color. Ask your collector friend what he'd pay (before walking away) for that bottle if he saw it at a flea market with no price tag. If he is truly your friend, and he is honest , he'll tell you. Now try and balance that figure with your investment or labor in attaining this bottle, what it means to you, and what THAT amount comes to. Balance the two figures and if they are reasonable close, go for it. Basically, value is in the eyes of the beholder. Being a Pittsburgh embossed, and made bottle, the value or desirability in Arizona might be 1/10th of what it would be in Western Pa. Just my 2 cents worth

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