reworked USA Hosp Dept bottle?...not


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These YPM bottles do have a similar look to USA HOSP DEPT bottles. I can see why people play the wannabe game.
Obviously not as early. Lip is different.
It is actually a malt whiskey made by Alexander Young. Young's Pure Malt.

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I don't know much about these bottles, so thanks for the telling everyone. I believed it was what the listing said. Luckily, I don't collect them or I might have bid on it.
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Did you let him know that Matt ??

Yes I emailed the seller.
They are a known good dealer I think they just got some bad info.

The bottle is also found with a tapered/collered lip similar to mineral waters.


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These bottles are often found in Indian Wars forts right along side the U.S.A. Hosp. bottles (which were shipped to the forts after the Civil War) so it is an easy claim to make because they do resemble (no matter how incorrect.)

PS. There are way more than 1 other known.


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I know Tom, he's a good guy that wouldn't intend to deceive. I think he may have got some misinformation. I have seen these before as well. I wonder if he was referring to the color of the one he has? The few I have seen were more of a honey amber I believe.



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His info probably came second hand from American Bottle Auction. Auction #48, Lot #154. The link doesn't work, but if you search in their past auctions you can easily find the bottle. Here is the description:

Y.P.M. Applied top. According to California collector and President of the FOHBC, Richard Siri, this is a reworked U.S.A. bottle. On close inspection you can see slug marks where the "S" and "A" were removed. Interesting. Since we've put out the catalog, we received new information from Bruce Silva on this bottle. Bruce points out that it stands for Youngs Pure Malt and was manufactured by the Alexander Young Co. of Philadelphia. It was also sold in New York by a Frederick West. Apparently they are much more common in the East and are seen in two sizes and a myriad of colors from deep amber to bright yellow. Since we’ve only seen one of these we had no idea what it contained. This was dug in the San Francisco Bay Area and is as close to resembling a U.S.A. Hospital bottle as any we’ve seen. A light to medium amber, it has a double roll type top. If your initials are Y.P.M. you are in luck! Grade: Some minor interior stain and a few scratches. 9.3 grade.

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