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Some Eastern Ontario ACL bottles I needed


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May 24, 2014
That's great information, thanks for that! I've never seen either of those bottles pictured, I'll have to keep my eyes out for them.


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May 17, 2012
Ontario , Canada
Hi We know this is an old post however we have some info on the Bourget soda pop production.

Deneault Mineral Water , Bourget ( the Brook ) Ontario

This is to give an outline of time for the two known soft drink bottles manufactured by the Deneault family and later another bottle when the company was purchased by Rheal Gagne President of Excel Beverages.

Ferrier Deneault was born on September 17, 1869 in The Brook, township of Clarence in the county of Russell Ontario.
By the baptism of his second child, Rene Wilfrid in 1899, Ferrier Deneault is living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario.
The godfather to his child is Joseph Dupont listed as a Grocer in Ottawa at this time.
However, Joseph Dupont also manufactures soft drinks as is shown by the 1901 Census and Ferrier Deneault is his employee.
By 1902, Ferrier Deneault is not listed in the Ottawa Directory for this year.
In 1906 with the birth of his son Ferreol Deneault, he is listed in The Brook as a "Manufacturer".
In the 1911 census Clarence Township, Bourget Village, he is listed as a Manufacturer of " eau gazeuse" (soft drinks)
Along with Romeo Deneault ( a Bourget Merchant ), Ferrier held control of the property until 1939 and 1940 when Ferreol Deneault , his son became the property owner.
In July 1953, Rheal Gagne an accountant from Montreal purchased the property and the name changed to the Excel Beverage Company. By 1955, they were a Limited Company.

The first bottle with his name comes with a place name of " The Brook " showing it was made before 1910 as that is when the post office name became Bourget.
This bottle would have been used locally and did not have a very wide distribution being returned and reused.
However, it is difficult to say when this bottle was first used.
It probably also was used after 1910 up until about the painted label Deneault Beverages bottle which started in about 1939- 1940. The cap showed the flavour of the beverage on the ACL 1939-1953 bottles.

This covers the soft drink portion of the Deneault beverages yet there were other aspects to the business as other relatives shipped mineral water in bulk.
The bottle above was replaced with the Excel Beverages Company bottle which started in 1953.
Le Droit November 1953, Ottawa
sorry I just noticed this post , never saw it last june likely cause it was part of an old post . but contains some great info and quality pictures of the bottles

I've never heard of Deneault Beverages before , but I did just notice one for sale on kiijjii , missing most of the paint though , noticed this post when I tried to figure out where the bottle was from

been to all the recent bottle shows and Ontario antique stores and never seen one before so can't be too common and only sold locally in that area


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