Water bubble inside bottle! Anyone ever seen this before?


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I was looking at this bottle and I realized there was a water bubble in it! I have no idea how this could have happened as there is no crack touching the bubble, it has been completely sealed inside this glass for over 100 years image.jpgimage.jpg


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That’s awesome , first I’ve ever seen it in a bottle ! It’s just like a water inclusion or enhydro that occurs in some quartz crystals, in nature when the crystals formed sometimes a new layer would grow over a channel or void on the surface , sometimes trapping water in them ! I guess the same concept with this as some moisture or condensation of sorts got caught in a bubble when it was blown ! AWESOME !!!!


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I am fairly certain that you will find that is an air bubble with some path to surface (bruise or crack) that allowed water to get in.
I looked very closely at the crack that’s close to it and I am %99 sure that it doesn’t touch the bubble, I have looked very closely at it through a light and I cannot see any way for the water to have gotten in


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Could it have gotten in through an opening in the inside of the bottle? I would also have thought that the water would have been vaporized before it was able to get inside the glass. Definitely an interesting find regardless!

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