Whats up old guys???


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I'd be able to take over the world if'n I were still 22 and know what I know today!!!... than again maybe not.

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Hah hah, yes, you probably could.
Here's one fur a smile.


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Yea I wonder what has happened to many past members............I mean WAYYYYYYYYYYY back when Woody was moderator and the site was owned by that Cat in England. Ol' Jadgermiester got pissed in 05' and left because we sometimes talked about more than bottles. Let's see who I remember Glass Man, Bubbas Dad, Red Ginger, Joe The Crow, their digging partner, Teauge, Matt, Rick..........he ever tell ya he had a puce eagle? TD, Eric, Pat Mason, Warren....Capt? The guy who loved Wolfies, the gal who did the pickle jars, Jim from Patterson. Plumbata,.........can't remember his name from Georgia.....dug in a creek? Cyberdigger and Cowz............not going to say a thing. Dennis the man who REALLY knew what he was talking about when it came to sodas. I remember debates about 'chainsaws in the woods' 'barrels of bottles' 'nasty foul mouth Matt' 'what a Coke bottle really is' 'deco........what?' Plus who can forget the 'Obama in a Klan robe pottery piece'. How about our first Secret Santa. Remember who put that together? I do, it was my good friend Brother LobyCat. I really miss him and his wit that was frowned upon by a few. Well at least as a collective we did good by having a brick in his honor placed at his beloved Red Sox's Fenway Park. Yep back when the pages were blue this was a really happening site [ not an insult to today's ABN, but the activity was way more 10+ years ago. ]. Do not know what but that format change really really shook things up. Not going to say Facebook did it, but something sure as hell did. Still this is a good sire, but I really miss my friends and acquaintances from the recent past.

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I myself did really like the last version of the forum we had. I came in a bit late for the blue pages but do believe I saw the remains of them in screen-shots. I hear they were greatly favoured. Some of the cited members are still active, though no one is as much due to how much more difficult this version is to operate. Many were unable to complete the transition (remember the PM nightmare as none of us could figure out how to use this new forum?) Others had to make new accounts as they couldn't figure out the change-over.
I would opt for a refreshing of the forum by going back to the old system and going through old posts to see if they're worth keeping around or not (and, then, destroying those that aren't educationally useful). I've found posts from 10 years ago. A lot of them may never be seen again and just take up space. I'd also opt to delete accounts not accessed in a one-year period.
But, you must also understand, forums are being replaced with such things as FaceBook. This is to where many of our members have gone. I'd say in another 10 years, forums will be a thing of the past. I'd still use them, but most people won't. Even Facebook, by then, will have gone the way of MySpace: a limited user-base mostly restricted to older adults where once most social media users.... used it. This site is exceptionally difficult to use as compared to, say, Collector's Weekly, and is a older-style template even among forums. Every change causes us to lose more members, but going back to how things were could bring them back.


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The unfortunate thing is that with Facebook and similar formats, the data accumulated is gone after a few weeks, whereas the topics on this forum are searcheable and even come up on Google searches. I have found great value in posts made 10 years ago on this site. Hopefully people will recognize the value this provides and will continue to post here.


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There used to be some good stuff posted on the blue pages, for sure. No telling what I've missed, but I will not use Facebook.


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Buster........that's his name.

Last name Logue, I think. Yeah, I wish there was a better way to keep up with our past members. A lot of times, unless a family member posts that someone has passed, we never know about it. That's probably how it will be with me. The wife could care less about my bottles or my bottle friends. If I don't post anything for a long time, you can pretty much figure that I've died or been stashed in a home, 'cause I'll be doing bottles until one or the other happens, you can bet on that.

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