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Whats up old guys???


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May 3, 2009
Yea I wonder what has happened to many past members............I mean WAYYYYYYYYYYY back when Woody was moderator and the site was owned by that Cat in England. Ol' Jadgermiester got pissed in 05' and left because we sometimes talked about more than bottles. Let's see who I remember Glass Man, Bubbas Dad, Red Ginger, Joe The Crow, their digging partner, Teauge, Matt, Rick..........he ever tell ya he had a puce eagle? TD, Eric, Pat Mason, Warren....Capt? The guy who loved Wolfies, the gal who did the pickle jars, Jim from Patterson. Plumbata,.........can't remember his name from Georgia.....dug in a creek? Cyberdigger and Cowz............not going to say a thing. Dennis the man who REALLY knew what he was talking about when it came to sodas. I remember debates about 'chainsaws in the woods' 'barrels of bottles' 'nasty foul mouth Matt' 'what a Coke bottle really is' 'deco........what?' Plus who can forget the 'Obama in a Klan robe pottery piece'. How about our first Secret Santa. Remember who put that together? I do, it was my good friend Brother LobyCat. I really miss him and his wit that was frowned upon by a few. Well at least as a collective we did good by having a brick in his honor placed at his beloved Red Sox's Fenway Park. Yep back when the pages were blue this was a really happening site [ not an insult to today's ABN, but the activity was way more 10+ years ago. ]. Do not know what but that format change really really shook things up. Not going to say Facebook did it, but something sure as hell did. Still this is a good sire, but I really miss my friends and acquaintances from the recent past.
Many of us are on Facebook bottle groups, I still like to stop in and share new finds from time to time, and to see if anyone has any Paterson bottles I need...

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