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WM Radam’s Base (Bottom) Embossed


New Member
Jan 8, 2020
I have 2 Wm Radam’s Microbe Killer amber bottles. One has the full embossing on one side panel as I believe is normally seen. The other bottle has no embossing on the body sides, but is embossed on the bottom w/ the Radam’s Shield Trade Mark and having the pictorial of the guy clubbing the skeleton. The Water of Life is arched around the shield, There is not a Pat. Date as is on the other bottle. One side panel has a rectangular mold line w/ an arched top along the perimeter which I assume would have positioned a label. Bottle size is approx. 10.25” tall which includes the neck at 1 & 5/8”. The embossed bottom is 3.25” square. . .
If anyone has information to share about this version, I would like to know if it pre or post-dates the side panel embossed one? What areas of the country it was distributed or has been found in & is it common or scarce, compared to the other one? Any help is very appreciated. Thanks


Well-Known Member
Apr 24, 2007
I think it is newer than the front embossed ones and was distributed country-wide. They do seem somewhat scarcer than the front embossed ones but are less desirable.


New Member
Jan 8, 2020
Thanks for your thoughts. The base embossed Radam’s indeed does not show off as well as the fronted side version, but I’m pondering the possibly that the base embossed one pre-dates the other, considering a couple things:
One, Radam when just starting out may have begun the venture of his bottled quackery with less capital to invest in more costly embossing.
And two, even with a logo marked as Trade Mark, he possibly did not have a patent date yet at the onset. Many products carry on their patent date long after the patent has expired, so why would Radam have dropped that claim on later bottles?

Not knowing the actual history, I cannot say either one of these happened, but wonder if anyone has any other thinking or data on this subject to share. Thank-you.

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