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    Help with Canada Dry Item?

    First, please forgive me if there is somewhere better to find my answer (and tell me the better place!)

    Since there may be members with crossover collections from soft drink or beer bottles, I'm hoping somebody may be able to tell me something about this box/crate.

    I have spent countless hours searching but haven't come up another box this size, nor another with the "Take Me Home" advertising slogan. The box is SMALL...about a quarter the size of most beverage crates. It measures only 10 1/4" x 7 3/4" x 9" high.

    The finger joint corners tell me it is on the older side but I'd like an idea of what time period this came from and just what did it carry?
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    Looks to me like it's a predecessor to the cardboard bottle holders. I've never heard of a wooden box for consumers to take their bottles home in but that sure looks to be what this is. Maybe the idea never really caught on. Looks old, too. Hopefully someone who knows more about Canada Dry will chime in.

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