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    Coca-Cola Coke Colonial Pale Dry Pat'd 1923 - Need Information

    Does anyone know the history, age, value of these bottles? I picked up some recently but can't find much about them. My best guess is Coca-Cola soda water but I'd love to know more about these.

    It has the patent date of Nov. 6, 1923 embossed below the word Colonial on the shoulder. Near the base it has "Coca Cola Bot. Co. Spartanburg, S.C.". On the other side near the base is embossed "Minimum Contents 6 Fluid Oz.". There are 2 embossed stars on the shoulder and one on the base.

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    town bottlers had there own flavors which they bottled under the coke license. these type of bottle were in production up into the early 1930s . they seldom what past 1934.

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    Thanks for the information. Very helpful!

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    N 29 (on base) = 1929, Norwich Ohio plant of Owens Glass Co.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldcokes View Post
    N 29 (on base) = 1929, Norwich Ohio plant of Owens Glass Co.
    Thanks for the information.

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