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    Old Gin bottle in near mint condition found at Goodwill Austin

    Found this beauty at a goodwill in Austin Tx the other day. Nice little pig nose for next to nothing. Don't think it has ever been buried.

    Guesses as to its age?
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    Nice score! I'd guess around 1800, but hopefully others more knowledgeable than I will chime in. I've never found squat at Goodwill, but I'll keep on trying.

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    looks germen . and may have been made up in to the 1820s. when full Hight post moulids were being interduce.

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    I've never found anything even close to that nice at Goodwill. That's a great bottle!

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    Thanks! yeah I'm always in Salvation Army, Goodwill and many other thrifts and get lucky quite frequently. I am fortunate that my job takes me to these stores in a variety of cities around the country. Crazy that it survived this long in that condition and made it on to the shelves intact.

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    Interesting! thanks for the input.

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    This is an unusual case bottle. The shoulders are inflated, rounded, unlike the square-shouldered German bottles (see the grass-green bottle below). The corners are rounded, not sharp like early German bottles. The lip looks too skimpy, too perfect, to be an early 1800s case bottle or even a later transitional "pig-snout" lip finish. The pontil scar looks too neat.

    I have a double-handful of case bottles, dating from Late 1700s to Late 1800s, but I've never seen one quite like this one. I don't know where this bottle was made, but it is not from the usual Western European glassworks.

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    I was thinking this was a really strange one as well. I've never seen one or a picture of one like it either. Not really sure what to make of it.

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    It's a very nice bottle, but I'm leaning toward a Czech repop.

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