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    4 chamber hand blown glass bottle

    New member here, I have a bottle I picked up at an auction. Now I have done quite a few searches, and have found some from the same liqueur distributor, Marie Brizard and Roger. The difference, is that all those bottles are 4 chambers formed into one bottle, where this is 4 separate hand blown glass quarters that form 1 bottle shape, held together with wicker. It seems like a really old bottle, but I know nothing of this sort of thing. I ended up buying 2 tables full of old bottles, just to get a couple cool looking ones for gifts for family members.
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    Can anyone tell me how old this might be, and what it might be worth? I spoke with a person at the auction who claimed to know the previous owner, he said she had paid a lot for it 20 years ago, but did not specify how much "a lot" was...

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    Just as a swag I would say 1960's or so and so so collectable 5-10 bucks.


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