1. M

    Coke bottles

    Hey yall, I found this 6 pack at an estate sale and been trying to figure out a date and whether they are worth anything. All of the bottles have different cities on them and I can’t find any dates anywhere. Just the patent date on the bottle. Any help is appreciate, thanks!
  2. L

    Age of 7Up bottles

    We found these two bottles on the property we bought in 1992. I cannot ever remember seeing these in my lifetime. Anyone have any information on them?
  3. PorkDaSnork

    The finds of one dump I’ve been working on for many years.

    Pic one and 2 are embossed Pic 3 is blank bottles. Pics 4 and 5 are metal and plaster bottles. Metal 2 are shaving stIcks, larger plaster bottle is cheese, smaller plaster is blank. have also found a multitude of items including a Diamond Jubilee pin from 1927, a spoon, a knife, a toy...
  4. steviep

    Early drug store history and why we preserve?

    What's important to me is preserving the history and stories, good or bad of early drug stores or apothecaries. By the late 1800s, pharmacists or (druggists) came to a crossroads. On one hand, they were medical professionals and on others, they had a business to run. They had to balance these...
  5. bottles_inc

    Three nteresting bottles

    Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone has any information on these bottles I dug up. This one I'm more asking if anyone's ever seen. I can't find any info on Charles and Co anywhere, but I have seen a cylindrical whiskey bottle bearing their name for sale online. I haven't been able...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    Too damaged to bring home but worth some photos

    I wanted to show some photos of various bottles I've come across in the past few weeks while out in the woods. They are all either broken or have bad labels but I wanted to document what is out there. For those unaware, I post photos of my good bottles in albums here...
  7. B

    Bottle show at Ancaster nostalgia show.

    Tomorrow the 12th of October a bottle show and sale will be held at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. It is being held in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia Show. It opens at 10:00 am. There will be as many as 25 tables showing and selling bottles, stoneware, and redware. Please if you are in the...
  8. WesternPA-collector

    Tiny bottles

    The other day I found these three bottles all in one area. They are now the smallest bottles I've ever found. I don't think they can get much smaller than this. Two of them have Owens-Illinois marks and the round one has a keystone logo. Whatever was in them must have been very potent. The one...
  9. R

    A.c. bowness bottling works cranbrook b.c.

    I havent been able to find any information about this bottle
  10. K

    1876 Wholesale Druggists' Catalog by Geo. A. Kelly & Co/B.A. Fahnestock & Co

    Hi all, I wanted to share a recently found treasure with you, my fellow collectors, who I'm sure would appreciate the value and history combined in this unbelievably nice little 134 page booklet I acquired this past weekend! I didn't know where exactly to post this in the forum, as I am into a...
  11. WesternPA-collector

    Bleach safe for ACL bottles?

    I was wondering if it is safe to soak or apply bleach to ACL bottles with white lettering that has dirt on it. Since it is so strong I didn't know if it would break down the paint or not. Thanks for any help.
  12. OutsideAgent

    R H Groves Blandford Slight Aqua/Green Bottle

    I have this bottle & trying to find some information on it... I'm not sure if it's a chemists bottle or possibly a drinks bottle. It has been found within the UK. Not sure if it should be placed in Pre 1900s or After 1900s. Measures approx. 13cm x 5cm x 3cm Seems to have an M type symbol...
  13. WesternPA-collector

    WTS Time to cut down on my collection

    I am looking to move some bottles before the USPS postage rates go up at the end of January (again). I have various Cobalt blue medicine/Milk of Magnesia, amethyst medicine, 3 1950's milk, 2 1950's Charleroi Cokes, 1948 Chlorox, 1950's Seagram's whiskey flask, 1976 Anchor Hocking Moss...
  14. WesternPA-collector

    Two broken pontils- How old are they?

    Today I came across two pre-1900's bottles that were sadly broken. I'm just trying to find out how old they are, to determine if it's worth going back again and trying to find some intact ones. I don't generally know a lot about bottles from this era.
  15. S

    River Diving for Antiques in Canada

    Hi everyone, Ok, off to a false start on this chat, since I tried to push my YouTube channel a bit too hard, so I'm taking a mulligan. I'm from Ottawa, Canada and been diving all summer for antiques and making videos. Started off doing traditional shipwreck dives, but quickly realized I enjoyed...
  16. U

    Digging my first Privy in Salt Lake City Utah this weekend + dumpsite

    After searching for some time, I was unable to locate anyone in the Salt lake area that is into bottle digging that was WILLING to help me as a first timer. I did find someone in Ogden Utah that wants to drive to me which is a one hour drive, and he is going to show me the ropes. I got a...
  17. WesternPA-collector

    Ebay sales slow/down

    Has anyone noticed that activity on Ebay seems to have really gone downhill this year? Many bottles listed don't even get a single bid and the ads end up just running out. Something seems to be happening with the glass/bottle market. Or have people found other online auction sites that are...
  18. T

    My Vintage Sealed Coca Cola Thrift Shop Finds!

    Hello, im new to the group and wanted to share my picks from yesterdays collection haul. I have zero knowledge in coca cola collectibles but I have sold a few over the years. Here is a photo of my sealed items I picked up yesterday. here is the video link: Any...
  19. S

    Good Ole' Bottles

    I sent a couple of bottles to Cindy for cleaning back around April. Got a couple of updates by email a few months afterwards. Since August I've heard nothing and had no answers to emails and phone calls. Anyone having similar problems? I'd really like my bottles back :) Duncan.
  20. A

    Seeking: Shopping for old bottles in Rome and Florence

    Hi all! I'm traveling to Rome and Florence for a few days in a few weeks and thinking it would be great to check a few antique/vintage stores to dig bottles. I'm thinking there might be some pretty cool finds! Has anyone ever shopped for bottles in Rome and/or Florence? Any shops/neighborhoods...

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