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  1. Bluestreak39

    Few days ago dig

    Few days ago thread. I thought I would share. Any thoughts information welcome.
  2. Finds of August 9th 2023

    Finds of August 9th 2023

    1. Doct. Marshall's Catarrh Snuff 2. Colorite 3. Hoster Columbus A. B. CO. 4. J. M. Donnelly Regal Lager Beer
  3. S

    4 Days at at bottle/other pit

    The city cleared a field next to a school. Used to have a house on the property going back to late 1800's. They dug down deep maybe 40 feet deep on about half the property through a large section removing much dirt in trucks to other locations. I'm thinking some good stuff left in the dirt on...
  4. UnderMiner

    Finds of May 17th 2023

    Conducted a dig yesterday, May 17th 2023, here are some of the finds: Front Row left to right: 1. Seipp's Beer, Chicago, Alcohol Content 2 1/2% 2. Scott's Emulsion Cod Lover Oil with Lime and Soda 3. Burnett's Standard Flavoring Extracts 4. Major's Cement New York 5. Coli-Actine "Feng" 6. Ben...
  5. UnderMiner

    Med-Day (May 8th 2023)

    These are all finds from a dig I conducted yesterday, May 8th 2023. From left to right: 1. Sharp & Dohme Baltimore Lapactic Pill bottle (hexagonal amber) "prescribed for chronic constipation and atomic dyspepsia". 2. Small Bromo Seltzer. 3. Syrup of Hypophosphites "Fellows" tonic bottle...
  6. b.ecollects

    I finally got a display for my collection

    I'm pretty happy with this display. It was (is) in bit of a rough shape, but it works perfectly for my bottles.
  7. jamesstottlemyer

    Intact Paper Labels, Pre-pro Beers, and more

    I had an decent day digging for antique and vintage Michigan bottles on Friday. I got bottles from Detroit, Flint, and Port Huron. Most of the bottles are common, but it was still fun. My favorite is the American Brewing Company beer from Detroit, Michigan. The company went through many name...
  8. b.ecollects

    Here are some more bottle finds.

    Hello guys. Here are some bottles that I picked up from an antique store a few days ago. The first one is a smaller York Springs bottle that goes with my 30 oz York Springs bottle that I had before this one. The next one is a Lang's bottle from Buffalo, NY. I don't know much much about this...
  9. DavidW

    Differences between "APPLIED LIP" and "TOOLED LIP" on antique handmade glass bottles

    Hello group, I wanted to post this as it's own thread, as I posted this comment earlier on another thread, and realized it will get buried in the middle of gobs of other comments, and not be so easy to find. I really hope this will help and not hurt! If nothing else, check out the webpage...
  10. b.ecollects

    Found a few bottles with a bottle book!

    I picked these up at the antique store today. The aqua bottle says on the face "P.A.Spongberg Rockford ILLS". The second bottle says on the face: "Contents Made By Miller, Becker & Co. M.B & Co Registered. Cleveland, Ohio". On the bottom of the amber bottle, it says: "Bottle Not To Be Sold...
  11. b.ecollects

    Bovril Bottles

    I picked these up from a fellow bottle collector in my area. These are Bovril paste bottles from between the 1880s and 1910s. In this set, there is one 8 oz, two 4 oz and one 1 oz bottles. I think they're a cool find.
  12. b.ecollects

    Bottle Haul prt 1

    I just recently found a lot of bottles in my friend's buddy's shed. There is around 25 bottles: in different sizes and colors. These are what I found to be some of the more interesting bottles out of the group so far. Some of these bottles have a toggle bolt with butterfly springs in the...
  13. b.ecollects

    Looking for Ontario bottles

    Looking for ontario (canadian) bottles: any kind of bottle.
  14. b.ecollects

    Browns Beverags Bottles with a brief history

    Browns Beverages started out in 1873 by Dugald Brown, after he found a hole in the market when the town of Gravenhurst was starting to boom. He found a logging site that was on top of a natural spring and started to bottle spring water. He and his son Jack took over the operation and in the...
  15. DavidW

    Diggers, I'm looking for bottles with these marks on bottom

    Hi, I'm looking for bottles actually made in Louisville, Kentucky, at several glass factories that operated there in the late 19th century. Many of these bottles are just ordinary, rather unremarkable "utility" type bottles that are otherwise "slick" except for the base embossing. For...
  16. b.ecollects

    Sorry for my abscence. Ive been busy with life a lot lately.

    I've been away due to working on the house and preparing it for winter. That didn't stop me from collecting bottles though, and I didn't forget about you guys! Here are some new specimens from my collection.
  17. b.ecollects

    Heres my collection so far.

    Here's my full collection so far. If a particular bottle catches your eye, please let me know and I can tell you more about it.
  18. shadeone

    My Frostie Root Beer Bottle Collection On Ebay!

    Selling my "complete as far as I know" collection of Frostie Root Beer bottles through 1960.
  19. M

    Coke bottles

    Hey yall, I found this 6 pack at an estate sale and been trying to figure out a date and whether they are worth anything. All of the bottles have different cities on them and I can’t find any dates anywhere. Just the patent date on the bottle. Any help is appreciate, thanks!
  20. L

    Age of 7Up bottles

    We found these two bottles on the property we bought in 1992. I cannot ever remember seeing these in my lifetime. Anyone have any information on them?

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