A very different crock jug found at a estate sale


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Thanks Len, some great old ghost towns around that area, Humboldt and Pershing counties.

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Great creek fishing for brown trout and cut throat trout too! Lye creek up at Hinkey Summit through the mostly gone early 1800’s town of Paradise Nevada. A lot of it is still there waiting to be rescued. It truly is a paradise from an explorer, archeology keen and natural history buff. Lots of Native American artifacts out in the hills. That whole northern Nevada area has fascinating history going back centuries.

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Hey Buriedtreasuretime,
How's it going?
Thanks for all the tips. If I get to NV you're going to know.
Stay Well and Stay in Touch.

--CT Len
PS- I was never much for fishing. Here's a quick story. Once a year all the males in the family would go out on one boat about 25 miles into the Atlantic and try to fill the freezers with Cod. As a youngster (5-7yrs.) seems like I always hit rough seas and didn't do a lot of actual fishing. The next time I went a prankster Uncle positioned me right near the bait barrel. It was my last deep sea expedition... I'm better off solid ground, even bought an old cane pole about 5 yrs. ago. Still haven't used it. Would rather go exploring and looking for artifacts.:) --L

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