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I was watching this GJCo squatty pint jar on Greg Surgeon last auction (item number 2066). I already have this jar and was just watching but was amazed to see it bring $735. It appears to be like mine, rb1109 valued at $50-75. with the domed lid. (Sorry but couldn't figure out how to link directly to it.)
My question is what am I missing here? Why did this jar bring so much over what they normally sell for? Just curious and maybe learn something new.


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The jar in the NAG auction is a very nice example but price was well above normal. That was not the only jar that went way out of the norm in price. The phenomenon has been going on for some time in both the jar and bottle markets. While the general population (most of us on the forum) is either scraping by or doing worse, a very small percentage has been doing very well indeed. When two people, with a lot more money than they can spend, get to bidding on the same item they often do not care what they pay.
Just my opinion for whatever it is worth.


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Thanks for the reply George. I wondered if it was just a bidding war that caused it to go so high (38 bids) but then I wondered if there was something special about the jar that I just didn't see.


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If I recall correctly, didn't the jar in the NAG auction come with the aluminum lid? It's usually found with the zinc lid & milk glass immerser liner. I'm not sure how much more rare that aluminum lid is, but it may account for the hot & heavy bidding. -Tammy


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Oops, I take that back.... I just looked up the closed auctions for NAG. That jar had the zinc lid! It's interesting that doing the search on closed auctions, when you put in GJ Co you get 3 separate auctions for pint jars. One sold for $50, one for $65, and the last at $735. Go figure. If someone out there wants to give that much, I'll sell mine. -Tammy

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